36 extremely υпiqυe ideas for decoratiпg the gardeп with pallets, briпgiпg the freshest feeliпg

A wood pallet round bed with a roof can be a unique and charming addition to any bedroom or outdoor space.It provides a cozy and comfortable sleeping area while also creating a distinctive focal point in the room.

Using wood pallets for the base of the bed is an affordable and sustainable option, as they can often be found for free or purchased at a low cost. The addition of a plywood sheet provides a sturdy surface for the mattress to rest on.

The canopy roof adds an extra layer of comfort and privacy, while also protecting the bed from the elements if used in an outdoor setting.

Here are some steps to make your own:


    • Wood pallets (depending on the size of the bed)
    • Plywood sheets
    • Screws
    • Drill
    • Circular saw
    • Sandpaper
    • Mattress
    • Roofing materials (such as corrugated metal or polycarbonate panels)
    • Lumber for the roof frame


      • Measure the size of the bed you want to make and collect enough wood pallets to make the base. You may need to cut some pallets to size using a circular saw.
      • Arrange the pallets in a circular pattern and secure them together using screws.
      • Cut a piece of plywood to fit the top of the pallet base and attach it securely.
      • Sand the surface of the bed to smooth any rough spots.
      • Choose a suitable roofing material for the canopy, such as corrugated metal or polycarbonate panels. Cut the material to the appropriate size.
      • Build a frame for the roof canopy using lumber. You can design it in a dome shape or any other shape you prefer.
      • Attach the roofing material to the frame using screws.
      • Place the canopy on top of the bed and attach it securely.
      • Add a mattress to the bed and enjoy your new cozy sleeping nook.

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