An Extraterrestrial World On Earth, Shrouded In Unrevealed Mysteries – Amazing Nature

In his most recent photography series, titled “Space to Roam,” Stüder unveils the ethereal allure of the American Southwest, aided by an intrepid ‘astronaut’ explorer. We had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with him about this captivating new venture.

What was the iпspiratioп for Space to Roam?

I’ve had the privilege of pursuing photography and videography as my full-time occupation for the past four years. However, my passion for capturing nature’s splendor and the exquisite world we inhabit has been a fervent pursuit of mine since my high school days back in 2012.

“Space to Roam” emerges as a photographic and videographic endeavor kindled by the breathtaking and dynamic landscapes of the American Southwest. After multiple ventures into the desert, a profound admiration for the distinct locales took root, evoking a sensation akin to visiting an extraterrestrial realm.

Eager to translate my sentiments about these ‘otherworldly’ sites into a tangible creation, I acquired an astronaut suit that I stumbled upon online. With my trusted friend and fellow ‘astronaut’ Kyle Hague, we embarked on a journey through the American Southwest, capturing the essence of these extraordinary places.

How did yoυ come υp with the coпcept?

The notion of crafting visuals from alien landscapes has long captivated my imagination. I often envision a future where individuals akin to me will journey to other planets, adeptly capturing imagery of entirely new realms. While the prospect of personally experiencing this remains remote, it’s intriguing to recognize that landscapes resembling those of distant planets do, in fact, exist right here on Earth.

What is the sigпificaпce of the space maп?

My endeavor with “Space to Roam” wasn’t primarily focused on the astronaut figure; rather, it revolved around capturing the distinctive formations, intricate patterns, and captivating textures of the exceptional landscapes we explored. Although the astronaut serves as a subject within the project, his presence is essentially a means to establish a connection with the viewer and guide them to the realization that these remarkable and seemingly extraterrestrial locations do indeed exist right here on Earth.

Do yoυ have aпy plaпs for a follow-υp series?

I’m optimistic that this is merely the initial installment of numerous upcoming editions of “Space to Roam.” I firmly believe that there exists a plethora of extraordinary locations worldwide that seamlessly align with the ‘otherworldly’ motif. My genuine aspiration is for those who view my project to develop a fresh sense of admiration and reverence for the magnificent planet we inhabit. Ideally, this experience will inspire them to actively contribute towards its safeguarding and preservation.

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