As The Dawn Breaks, The Beauty Of New Beginnings Captivates The Hearts Of All Who Witness It – Amazing Nature

The sunset in each different location has a different color, and the sunset in the countryside of Vietnam always evokes a feeling of peace and is very dear.

Let’s journey through the lens of member Long Quang Le in the group Vietnam Oi! and witness the breathtaking beauty of our homeland. The tragic song of the end.

If dawn lifts the dark curtain with bright colors, the sunset closes the day with bold hues. Every time the sun dips below the horizon, it offers everyone the opportunity to settle down and reflect on their lives. Before the sunset, no one could resist such a poetic, romantic scene.

The sunset in the Vietnamese countryside is peaceful and beautiful, with images of the red sun, vast fields, birds finding their way back to their nests, buffaloes lazily grazing in the fields, or mothers leading their children to the market… All these seemingly simple scenes are beautiful beyond description, and the beautiful sunset is probably because of the familiar scenes in childhood memories.

Find peace in the countryside.

The photos of the sun and sunset in the countryside of Vietnam truly touch people’s hearts. The author must have been a lover of his homeland and proud of it to capture such emotional moments.

As the sun slowly descends behind the mountains, the warm golden sunlight remains on the thin branches. The sun appears as a giant fireball, red and round. It is a magical moment that the photographer had to wait patiently to capture.

The image of the sun in the village is so familiar. Modern life makes people always in a hurry, skyscrapers are gradually replacing the old tile roofs, and we don’t know how long it will take to find that familiar memory again.

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