Awestruck By The Enormous Colocasia Gigantea Garden: Thought I Had Wandered Into A Fairy Tale Realm – Amazing Nature

Recently shared, the captivating images captured within an expansive garden, nestled beneath a colossal mosquito net (also referred to as the mint tree), have rapidly seized the interest of online Vietnamese communities and social media platforms. Within these visuals, the towering expanse of this oversized arboreal haven extends beyond human height by 1.6 meters, with select trees even reaching an impressive 2 meters in elevation.

The immense mosquito-net-enveloped garden has captured the fervent attention of online users. Upon reaching out to the individual who posted these images, it has come to light that this remarkable botanical haven belongs to the family of Ms. Le Thuy Trang, located in Dinh Quan district, Dong Nai. With a four-year history of cultivating and nurturing flora beneath the protective canopy of mosquito nets, the shared pictures on various social networks only offer a glimpse into the expansive expanse of the Trang family’s verdant enclosure.

Furthermore, Ms. Trang elucidated that the process of nurturing a vertical garden of this nature spans approximately 3 months, with the timeline contingent upon the growth of the seedlings.

At present, the visuals and videos documenting the captivating garden encased within the formidable mosquito net retain their allure, continuing to captivate the gaze and elicit comments from online users.

The video clip provides a vivid portrayal of the ambiance within the expansive garden, nestled under the vast canopy of the giant mosquito net.

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