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According to the indigenous people of Guarani, “Iguazu” means “big country”. The story of the formation of Iguazu Falls is as mysterious as the magical beauty of the falls. The legend of the Indians recounts that this was the result of the wrath of the water god. According to legend, there was a god who planned to marry a beautiful mortal woman named Naipi, but this girl did not accept and fled with her lover on a canoe. In anger, the water god created a giant waterfall to punish those who tried to escape.

The first European to discover this great waterfall was Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, a Spanish explorer who explored South America in 1541. Then one of the falls on the Argentine side was also named after it. his name. The falls were rediscovered by Boselli in the late nineteenth century and one is named after him.

Panoramic view of Iguazu Falls from above.

Iguazu Falls is the result of a volcanic eruption that left cracks in the ground. During the rainy season from November to March, the flow rate of water flowing down the waterfall can be up to 450,000m3 per second.

The waterfall system consists of 275 large and small waterfalls pouring down. Some individual waterfalls have a height of up to 82 m, while most are about 64 m. Over two-thirds of the waterfall is within the territory of Argentina, and about 900 m in length, water does not flow through here.

The most impressive in the Iguazu waterfall cluster is Devils Throat waterfall – a horseshoe-shaped waterfall, falling from a height of 82 m, 150 m wide and 700 m long. Visitors can admire many impressive scenes at this beautiful waterfall. 2/3 of the waterfalls in the Iguazu waterfall cluster are located in Argentina. No words can describe the beauty of the waterfalls here.

Magnificent landscape

The distinguishing feature of the Iguazu Falls area is its humid subtropical climate with hot summers and warm winters. Visitors can visit the Iguazu waterfall cluster at any time of the year. Usually, during the summer (November to March) is the hottest time of the year and often rains. This is also the peak tourist season in the Iguazu waterfall cluster. The best time to visit Iguazu is during winter (June to August) when the weather is cool.

This natural paradise offers visitors countless thrills and excitement. To observe the panoramic view of Iguazu Falls located in two countries, the best way is to take a helicopter, plane or also paddle out to the middle of the falls.

Coming to this attractive tourist destination, visitors can participate in water sports, rafting, mountain climbing and especially can not miss the excursion to visit the area under the Iguazu waterfall by boat. .

Part of the falls is a forest ecosystem protected by the national parks of Brazil and Argentia on either side of the falls. Visitors can visit the national park on the Argentine side, there are trails into the forest. The wild features of the forest, the richness and diversity of rare flora and fauna will be highlights to attract visitors. It has many kinds of orchids, palm trees, hundreds of species of birds, thousands of butterflies, many mammals such as monkeys, American jaguars and tapirs…

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