Behold The Enigmatic Rock Formation Resembling A Majestic Elephant

Iceland – a country in Europe bordering the Arctic Circle, on the Atlantic volcanic belt, has been one of the most attractive tourist destinations in recent years.

Visitors to Iceland cannot miss a visit to the giant elephant-shaped rock mountain located on the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can rent a self-drive car to this attraction or simply choose a day tour.

Elephant-shaped rock in Iceland.

Just standing right on the west coast of Iceland’s largest island, you will easily see a giant stone elephant jutting out of the Atlantic Ocean. Elephant rock attracts visitors because it resembles the head of a giant elephant that has half-submerged its trunk under water, as if trying to quench its thirst with the Atlantic Ocean.

Elephant Rock is thought to have been formed after one of the volcanic eruptions. The basalt material makes the outer shell of the wrinkled elephant rock more similar to the skin of a real elephant.

This is a famous tourist destination of Iceland.

Elephant rock is located in the Heimaey belt, the largest and only inhabited island in the Westman Islands. When visiting the elephant rock mountain, visitors can “conveniently” turn to visit the Eldheimar Volcano museum – which tells about the lives of residents on an active volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition, the Skansinn Church is also a must-see. This is a small church built in the original Viking style. The church is a gift from the Norwegian government to Iceland to celebrate 1000 years of Christianity in Iceland. If you are hungry, visit Slippurinn restaurant – the place with the best and cleanest local dishes.

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