Children who conquered the world with their beauty: Then and Now.NhuY

Every child is beautiful in their own way, especially to their parents. Yet, there are children whose appearance is considered a kind of beauty standard. Despite their young age, these children are already global celebrities: their spontaneous smiles and joyful sparkle in their eyes conquer the hearts of millions of people worldwide. They conquer runways, become faces of top brands, sign millions of contracts with modeling agencies. And this is not surprising: nature has generously endowed them with simply incredible beauty. Meet the 12 most beautiful boys and girls on the planet who have all the chances to become the new top models.

This charming 4-year-old baby can already boast of her first achievement: the globally renowned L’Officiel edition included her in the list of the 50 most beautiful children on the planet.

Violetta has an older brother Dmitry who is 5 years older than her. The boy also has an attractive appearance and dreams of becoming famous. Meanwhile, almost 170,000 people have already subscribed to the children’s Instagram account, which is managed by their mother.

The five-year-old Russian girl, Arisha Lebedeva, also inherited her beautiful appearance and a thirst for the modeling business from her mother, the famous model Elena Perminova. By the way, Arisha started participating in photoshoots literally from the cradle. As a result, we can say that the girl absorbed her mother’s love for fashion and various shoots.

According to Elena, Arisha sometimes dresses herself for half an hour or even an hour. She especially likes to walk in “old” long and puffy dresses. There is no doubt that in the future this girl will definitely become a star of the world’s runways and the face of famous brands.

Jane Igelana

Six-year-old Jane from Nigeria became famous thanks to photos taken by photographer Mofe Bamuyiva. As soon as they appeared online, they instantly went viral and garnered many likes. However, not everyone liked that the girl in the photo looked like an adult….ny

And I wanted to portray the transition from her childhood to adulthood so that both would remain timeless; just look at those eyes! Jane only confirmed that every little girl dreams of becoming a woman,” replied Mofe Bamuyiva to the critics.

Liza Tolmacheva

Liza surprises at first sight with her irresistible appearance: beautiful blue eyes, long blonde hair, and perfect facial features, all belonging to a naturally charming girl.

At the age of 6, Lisa is already professionally devoted to dance, music, and acting, but above all, she is drawn to the runway. The girl takes part in various shows and competitions and is also happy to be photographed for catalogs.

cooper lund

This charming boy with huge expressive eyes and thick lashes literally won the hearts of Instagram subscribers not only with his unusual appearance but also with his ability to be very professional in front of the cameras. In fact, looking at his photos, it’s hard to believe that the model is only 6 years old.

By the way, the boy’s unusual appearance is due to the fact that his parents are representatives of different nations. His father is British from Canada and his mother is Korean.

Ava marie y leah rose clements

The fame of US twin sisters Leah Rose and Ava Marie reached dizzying heights overnight after their mother, Jaki Clements, created an Instagram account for them in July 2017. People from all over the world admired the girls’ beauty, and many even called them the most beautiful twins in the world.

Now that The Clements Twins (as the girls are called online) are almost 9 years old, they already have several contracts from well-known modeling agencies in their portfolio. And their parents even left their jobs to accompany their daughters on work trips.

Ana Pavaga

At nine years old, Anna Pavaga is one of the most sought-after child models in Europe and Asia. In April 2018, the girl opened the show for Karl Lagerfeld’s new children’s collection in Willich. Additionally, she works for Givenchy, Little Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared, and DKNY. Recently, Anna’s photos became the decoration of covers for popular German magazines such as Gala and Luna.

Ani has undeniable talent, she behaves very naturally both during filming and on the runway. I am sure she will have a successful career in the fashion industry,” said Yevgeny Shakhnovich, the girl’s manager, in an interview.

Lara y Mara Bawar

It’s hard to take your eyes off the photos of the Bawar sisters. The fact is that twins Lara and Mara are albinos, so their older sister, Sheila, looks dark in comparison. A few years ago, some smiling girls with lots of braids caught the attention of Brazilian photographer Vinicius Terranova, who made a Rare Flowers project with them.

The Bawar family came to Brazil from Guinea-Bissau, the poorest African country. There, even in cities, electricity is not everywhere, but the hunting of albinos is very popular, who are often sacrificed to the gods.

Now we live in São Paulo, where nothing threatens us except for the good attention from passersby and advertising shoots,” says Sheila.

“We find our albinism very beautiful, we are delighted with our hair, skin, and eye color,” comment Lara and Mara.

Jordyn Reinl

Seven-year-old American beauty Jordyn Reinl has also gained fame thanks to her Instagram photos. The girl’s porcelain face and huge blue eyes caused a storm of enthusiastic comments….ny

Now Jordyn is successfully modeling for fashion magazines and is already taking her first steps in the modeling business….ny

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