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Many of you Pandas probably have, at one point or another, considered what it’d be like to go on a real-life adventure. The fact of the matter is that adventures don’t belong just in books, movies, and video games. There are plenty of ways to get the adrenaline pumping while also paying homage to our deep sense of curiosity and love of mystery. Some people go metal detecting, others go magnet fishing, while the activity of choice for some is all about urban exploration. It’s the latter that we’ll be talking about today.

Urban exploration, also known as urbex, is all about going to abandoned and deserted buildings and ruins. It’s about the thrill of exploration, seeing how decrepit places change over time, and taking gorgeous photos of the locations. Some of the most impressive pics, from all around the world, end up being shared on the ‘Urban Explorer’ Twitter page. Check out the best of the best below, and tell us which of these locations you’d love to see in person, Pandas.

Warning: urban exploration can be a thrilling but dangerous activity. Never go alone. Wear protective gear. Do your research and be prepared for everything. And check if what you’re doing—i.e. breaking into private property—isn’t illegal in your local area.

Bored Panda got in touch with Dominic Sberna, a professional photographer from the United States, for some tips and tricks of the trade. Dominic was kind enough to share his advice for staying safe during urban exploration, using lighting creatively in dark places, and why analog photography can be a viable alternative for full-digital pics. You’ll find our full interview with him below, Pandas

Bored Panda wanted to get professional photographer Dominic’s opinion on keeping our cameras, other gear, and ourselves safe during outings in nature and during urban exploration.

“Know your limits and be aware of your surroundings. If you’re in an abandoned structure, make sure you know where the closest exit is at all times,” he said to focus while exploring.

“You never know who or what might be living in or just lurking in the shadows. Just be safe at all times and leave if you’re uncomfortable; there is a reason you’re feeling that way,” the photographer pointed out that you should trust your gut.

We were curious whether, generally speaking, a camera’s in-built flash will be good enough when exploring dark places.

“A built-in flash is certainly bright enough, but the results will be poor. Built-in flash is harsh and direct, which leads to brutal lighting and just a poor result,” Dominic told Bored Panda.

“Bump your camera ISO up in dark places or carry a tripod and take some long exposures if you want to utilize the natural light of a dark setting,” he suggested.

“An alternative for added lighting would be to use a flashlight and quite literally paint your scene with light. Light painting can add a really awesome effect when done right,” the pro noted that this can be the perfect time to experiment with some more artistic solutions. The end result might surprise you!

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