Discover Intriguing Architectural Marvels: An Array Of 45 Captivating ‘D.eath Stairs’ – Amazing Nature

Going up and down stairs is a regular part of most people’s days. Whether you live in a two-story house, work on the fifth floor of an office building, or live in a city with lots of hills and stairs to climb, you probably don’t think much about them when you encounter a flight of stairs. But I’m sure we all know that feeling where you accidentally misstep while walking down them or think you’ve reached a last step a tad bit prematurely, and suddenly, your heart skips a beat and your life flashes before your eyes. Going up or down a staircase can be the most mundane activity in your day, or it can be the most frightening moment in an otherwise normal and safe day…

If you’re curious about all of the most dangerous and frightening staircases the world has to offer, allow us to introduce you to the Death Stairs Facebook group. This community, (whose witty name we are absolutely obsessed with) is dedicated to sharing photos of the most dangerous staircases members can find. From extremely long stretches of steps snaking their way up mountains to carpeted stairs covered in trippy patterns that will make your eyes hurt, we’ve gathered some of the craziest death stairs down below.

Keep reading to find interviews with both of the group’s administrators, Lane Sutterby and Duffy Toler, and be sure to upvote the pics that you think deserve a death stare. Then let us know in the comments if you’ve ever encountered any particularly scary stairs, and if you’d like to check out another Bored Panda article featuring questionably designed stairs, look no further than right here!

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