Forgotten Territories Quiver At The Mere Whisper Of Their Names, Evoking An Unsettling Sensation Even Before One Treads Upon Their Soil – Amazing Nature

If you are looking for “thrills” and want to explore mysterious and even scary places, check out the list of lands below. From an island full of haunting dolls to a giant statue lying in the ocean, these landmarks are sure to give you an experience completely different from any other you’ve been to.

1. Island of Dolls (Isla de las Muñecas), Mexico

Old dolls are hung around the island.

According to legend, there was a little girl who drowned in a canal near the island, and her soul was not released. Julian Santana Barrera, the custodian of the island, found a doll near the place where the girl had an accident and from there he began collecting dolls to give some relief to the girl’s soul. Despite the rumors of ghosts surrounding the island, this place still attracts a lot of tourists.

2. Bomarzo Garden (Sacro Bosco), Italy

The garden is full of strangely shaped sculptures.

The Bomarzo Garden was built between 1548 and after 1580 at the request of Duke Pier Francesco Orsini. It houses 30 sculptures including the hero Hercules, the goddess Aphrodite, and the three-headed dog Cerberus, as well as a leaning house. After centuries of abandonment, this park was restored and reopened to visitors in 1954, under the new name: “Monster Park”.

3. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara is notorious for being the place people choose to “go down to the golden stream”.

“Aokigahara” means “Field of Sorrowful Trees”, but it is commonly known as the “Suicide Forest” – because it is the place that is often chosen as the place where people come to end their lives. my life. The local government has done everything possible to prevent it: the forest is regularly patrolled, cameras and signs warning people to prevent people from doing foolish things have been erected along the paths, as well as the law. Ask locals to notify the police of visitors who appear to be suspicious.

4. Ordos Kangbashi City, China

The whole city was large, but there was not a single person.

Ordos Kangbashi is actually a modern city, started in 2003. It was originally built for 2 million inhabitants, but this plan was not implemented due to high housing costs and many financial problems. other main. Although people still live here, because there is so much vacant space, it feels like an abandoned city.

5. Darvaza crater (Derweze), Turkmenistan

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