Majestic 16th Century Brick And Stone Sculpture: The Colossal Guardian – Amazing Nature

Just north of Florence, Italy, lies a captivating park intertwined with a rich historical narrative – the Park of Pratolino. In 1568, Francesco I de’ Medici acquired this estate and bestowed upon it the name Medicean Paggeria of Pratolino. As the story goes, the Grand Duke of Tuscany procured this property as a gift for his beloved, Bianca Cappello. To transform the estate into an enchanting domain, the Duke enlisted the expertise of a renowned architect. The result was the creation of an opulent villa enveloped by a picturesque park, which truly resembled a paradise. This expansive park encompassed exquisite gardens, resplendent water fountains, and striking bronze sculptures. Among these remarkable statues stands the Colossus of the Apennines, an immense structure crafted from brick and stone, portraying a contemplative guardian figure.

Crafted by the Italian sculptor Giambologna, the Colossus of the Apennines stands as the sole surviving statue within the expanse of the Park of Pratolino. With the passing of Francesco and Bianca, the once-beautiful property gradually succumbed to the ravages of time, resulting in its decline. The splendid villa eventually met destruction, leading to the demise of the surrounding park. In 1872, the property found a new owner in the Russian prince Paolo II Demidoff. Undertaking an ambitious endeavor, the prince meticulously restored the dilapidated villa and the neglected park, subsequently renaming the estate as Villa Demidoff. A century later, the Florence Province Council orchestrated the acquisition of the property and subsequently transformed it into a public park, now renowned as the Park of Pratolino.

Standing prominently within the Park of Pratolino is the colossal 16th-century statue, the Colossus of the Apennines.

Amidst the constructions of the 16th century, the Colossus of the Apennines stands singularly as the sole original structure that endures. Perched atop his stone throne, this monumental statue has defied the ravages of time for more than four centuries. True to his name, the enduring figure serves as a steadfast guardian, overseeing the property’s safeguarding for numerous generations. You can pay homage to this majestic sculpture at the Park of Pratolino, accessible to the public during weekends and holidays. For weekday visits, advance booking is necessary.

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