Making The Most Of A Concrete Backyard, A Girl Cultivates A Year-Round Bounty Of Fruits And Vegetables Using A Lesser-Known, Simple Technique – Amazing Nature

The backyard of Fanny’s house in Los Angeles, California, USA is 450m² wide. Previously, that garden only had a few flower pots. One of Fanny’s most memorable memories is a visit to a fruit farm .

She directly looked at the green trees and laden fruit clusters and picked and ate them right in the garden.

Every time she travels abroad, Fanny often spends time visiting fruit and vegetable markets to clearly feel the nature around her.

The small yard is where Fanny grows many fruits and vegetables.

Harvest joy.

In 2016, while going to Italy to work at an organic farm, Fanny felt that this was the time that helped her have the best experience of her life. From that trip, she was inspired to start creating her own garden. She focuses her time, enthusiasm, and energy to realize her passion, turning her backyard into a beautiful garden, the beauty of vitality, the lushness of the fruits and vegetables she personally produces. plant.

Because she loves cooking, Fanny prioritizes growing clean vegetables and fruits. She is constantly learning how to grow plants organically. At the same time, she searches for new varieties, delicious and unique fruits and vegetables to try growing in her garden.

On the 450m² concrete yard, Fanny placed plant pots and created large wooden frames to grow a wider variety of fruits and vegetables. Besides, the girl also grows herbs and some fruit trees. She tries to choose organic, environmentally friendly growing methods. Some types of vegetables are grown by the girl to prepare daily dishes for her family.

Before each growing season, Fanny tries to repair plant pots, wooden frames, mix soil, treat soil and fertilizer to create a good environment for plants to grow. She chose to “yield” to mother nature to care for and nurture her garden instead of using toxic chemicals and fertilizers.

The biggest reward she got was that the garden did not lack any vegetables or fruits that she often used for cooking. Just step into the garden and you can harvest many types of vegetables and be ready to prepare fresh, delicious dishes that are safe for the health of the whole family.

She also feels that farming brings many interesting things to life. She feels proud when her members are healthy because they use the products she grows. The garden is also a wonderful place of inspiration for everyone, helping people love nature more and create their own garden.

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