Meet Frederick The Great: The Most Magnificent Horse In All The Land – Amazing Nature

Frederick The Great, famously known as the World’s Most Attractive Horse, immediately captures attention wherever he goes. It’s not hard to see why he has earned this title, as one look at him is enough to leave anyone in awe of his beauty. Although the Friesian breed is already considered one of the most gorgeous horse breeds, Frederick The Great takes it to an entirely new level.

Living in the Netherlands, Bor was brought over to the United States at the young age of six. Today, he calls Pinnacle Friesians, a farm nestled in the scenic Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, his home. As a majestic Frisian stallion, he boasts pure-blood lineage.

Frederick the Great has a significant fan following and currently has over 92,000 likes on his Facebook page. He is an expert in Dressage and creates quite an impact every time he steps into the arena. This magnificent 18-year-old stallion is often referred to as the “real-life black beauty” or the “storybook stallion” due to his remarkable appearance.

When Stacy Nazario laid eyes on the stallion, owner of Pinnacle Friesians, she felt a unique connection to him. Recognizing his special qualities, she decided to buy him and bring him to her farm located in Arkansas.

According to Nazario, the stallion becomes more lively and animated when he is in the arena or when there is a photoshoot taking place. It is similar to watching a celebrity who behaves differently when they are at home versus being under the spotlight. The stunning stallion has even made an appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert as a guest star.

According to Nazario, Frederick The Great is also known for his gentle nature and sweet temperament. He is so gentle that even a baby can be placed next to him without any issues. Additionally, like many of us, he has a rigorous beauty routine that takes around three hours to complete, including washing, conditioning, and drying his mane.

It’s evident how this enchanting stallion has won over the affection of countless individuals worldwide. According to owner Stacy Nazario, “People travel from afar just to spend time with him.”

It’s easy to understand why this stallion has gained a massive following from all over the globe. His elegance, sophistication, and stunning looks make him stand out in the equine world. No doubt, he will leave an indelible impression on our hearts for years to come. Check out the breathtaking video of Frederick below and marvel at his beauty. Additionally, we have included some gorgeous photos of him.

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