Over Millennia, A Multicolored Geothermal Geyser Emerged In Washoe County, Nevada – Amazing Nature

It’s actually man-made. In June 2016, the non-profit organization known as the Burning Man Project acquired the Fly Ranch, a vast expanse of 3,800 acres (1,500 hectares) that includes the geyser, for a sum of $6.5 million. Commencing in May 2018, the Burning Man Project gradually opened up limited public access to the property. The geyser is adorned with thermophilic algae, thriving in damp, heated environments, resulting in an array of vibrant green and red hues that beautifully paint the rocks.

The Fly Geyser houses thermophilic algae, which thrive in damp and hot surroundings. This flourishing environment gives rise to a captivating palette of green and red hues that elegantly adorn the rocks.

The genesis of the Fly Geyser field dates back to 1916 when the initial geyser emerged. The geothermal energy sustaining the Fly Geyser field originates from a profound reservoir of heated rock, facilitated by prevalent tectonic rifts and fault lines.

The inception of the first geyser occurred when a well was drilled in pursuit of irrigation water. In 1916, upon stumbling upon geothermal water nearing its boiling point, the well was abandoned. Subsequently, a striking 10–12-foot (3.0–3.7 m) calcium carbonate cone developed at the site.

Advancing to 1964, a geothermal energy company drilled a second well in close proximity to the original one. Unfortunately, the temperature of the water from this second well wasn’t sufficiently high for energy exploitation. While they reportedly capped the well, the seal proved inadequate. Consequently, the discharge from this second well led to a decline in pressure, causing the initial geyser to desiccate.

Minerals dissolved within the water, including calcium carbonate and silica, precipitated around the emerging geyser, giving rise to the formation of cones and travertine pools.

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