Overcoming Gigantism: A Life Transformed by Surgery


Overcoming Gigantism: A Life Transformed by Surgery

Mohammad Kaleem, an Indian boy with gigantism, faced a challenging life due to abnormally large hands. However, a groundbreaking surgery has given him a chance at a normal childhood, showcasing the power of modern medicine and unwavering determination.

Growing up in a small village in Jharkhand, Kaleem endured bullying and rejection from peers and schools due to his oversized hands. Superstitious neighbors even labeled him as “the son of a demon,” subjecting his family to discrimination.

Daily tasks became increasingly difficult for Kaleem as his hands continued to grow. Despite their poverty, his parents sought treatment but couldn’t afford it. Kaleem’s story gained international attention through newspapers, eventually leading to medical assistance.

Renowned surgeon Dr. Raja Sabapathy stepped forward to help Kaleem. The complex surgery aimed to reduce the hand size without damaging the nerves, enabling him to regain functionality in the future.

Kaleem underwent a series of intricate surgeries on his right hand, followed by physical therapy to adapt to the changes. Encouraging results have prompted his parents to consider surgery on his left hand as well.

The village, once believing Kaleem to be cursed, now sees a brighter future for him. Elderly resident Mr. Amanullah Khan acknowledges the transformative possibilities offered by the surgery, while the local school expresses openness to accepting Kaleem.

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