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Many times, you just ‘boldly’ do something different, as long as that ‘different’ work is based on the basic characteristics of vegetables and fruits, your ‘experiment’ will certainly be successful, for example: grow sweet potatoes on a trellis.

Sweet potatoes   grown on a trellis of melon, gourd, squash

The climbing sweet potato, perhaps, is quite a new thing for many street ‘farmers’. When the area of ​​​​fields and gardens is quite difficult, you can still take advantage of a small yard, or a corner of the balcony or terrace to make a trellis for … vegetables and potatoes. Sweet potato is a fairly easy plant to grow, grown by many street farmers to eat its leaves, quite a few people grow this plant to eat tubers. However, you can still help your home stay green and cool with sweet potato rigs. At the end of the crop, the tubers are abundant thanks to the very simple care and most importantly, no need for soil.

The model of growing sweet potatoes on a trellis is becoming more and more popular

Not only harvesting vegetables, but sweet potato rigs are also an attractive tourist destination for many people

To create really impressive bunches of ‘tubers’ for a productive harvest, people can use plastic pots, porcelain pots or flexible rubber pots for convenient hanging. Each certain area is placed pots or tanks containing nutrients. Sweet potatoes are easy to grow and grow in all climates.

The root of the sweet potato plant is concentrated in the large basin below, the pots or tubs that are hung above are often located in a position where there are many root clusters in the trunk and branches of the potato. When the vines are closed, it is also the time when the roots on the branches grow and develop. In rooted branches, you can place the root bunch in a tub, a pot of water containing a hydroponic solution to nourish the bulbs. From the roots will grow impressive stout bunches of tubers.

Large bunches of bulbs are usually hung quite carefully until the time of harvest

This impressive and unique potato growing model has been successfully researched and implemented by the Center for Testing and Application of High Science and Technology in Agriculture in Yangling, Shaanxi Province, China.

Sweet potatoes ready to harvest

When harvesting, simply lower the pot and cut the tubers. Sweet potato vines will continue to grow new roots in hydroponic solution to produce a new batch of tubers. Each sweet potato root has an average lifespan of 3 – 5 years and gives a really impressive yield, about 1 ton of tubers when harvested.

The root of the sweet potato creates a truss to produce fruit in batches

The method of growing sweet potatoes on the trellis when fully supplied with water and nutrients, the yield is always 40-50% higher than the conventional farming method.

The model of growing sweet potatoes on a trellis is suitable for families with a narrow area or families who want to create a tourist destination or simply increase the amount of food each day.

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