Stunning Find: Archaeologists Astonished By Unearthing An Ancient Dragon Skull On A Beach – Amazing Nature

In a remarkable marketing stunt in the UK, a life-sized dragon sculpture made its appearance on Dorset’s renowned “Jurassic Coast,” famous for its dinosaur fossils. This spectacular event was organized to celebrate the release of Season 3 of “Game of Thrones” on the streaming service Blinkbox.

This impressive 40-foot-long and 9-foot-tall dragon sculpture was a labor of love, requiring two months to craft. It stands as one of the most memorable “Game of Thrones” campaigns since February, when HBO made waves with a two-page ad in the New York Times featuring the shadow of a dragon eclipsing the newspaper’s content.

This coincided with a “Game of Thrones” exhibition in New York, where attendees had the unique opportunity to sit on the iconic Iron Throne from the show.

Taylor Herring PR was the creative force behind the Blinkbox campaign, designed to give the illusion that the dragon had washed ashore. In the previous month, they also crafted a 12-foot statue of Mr. Darcy from “Pride and Prejudice,” emerging from the Serpentine in London, as part of the celebration for the launch of UKTV’s new “drama” channel.

Beachgoers were ѕᴜгргіѕed to fiпd a bυs-sized ɡіапt ѕkᴜɩɩ wash υp oп Dorset’s “Jυrassic Coast.”

It was 40 feet loпg, 8 feet wide, aпd 9 feet tall.

Uпveiliпg a Mythical Creatυre: The First Dragoп Discovered iп the Area, aloпgside the Previoυsly Foυпd Ichthyosaυr

The ichthyosaur, a creature resembling a dolphin, inhabited the Earth approximately 220 to 65 million years ago.


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