Symphony Of The Woodlands: Unveiling The Entrancing Ballet Of Trees In Motion – Amazing Nature

Calm waters, white sandy beaches are what you can find at Walakiri beach, one of the top tourist attractions on the island of Sumba (Indonesia). But these traits can all be found elsewhere. And that’s not the main reason people flock to this little tropical paradise.

What attracts visitors from all over the world to Walakiri is the dozens of uniquely shaped mangroves that line the beach, which locals call them “dancing trees”. The reason for its name is because the tree trunks have a curved and curved shape as if swaying with the sun when sunset falls.

According to the explanation of scientists, the plants that grow in mangroves or around covered by water often have a rather bizarre shape, not following any rules. The reason is because the water surface reflects sunlight at different angles, causing the plants to grow unevenly.

Botanists call this phenomenon “phototropic” plants because of the influence of the plant hormone auxin, and they will grow towards light at the beginning of their life cycle.

In addition, the ecological environment of mangroves is transitional between sea and land. Therefore, the existence, distribution, development and species composition of mangroves are influenced by many factors such as climate, hydrology, salinity, substrate… which have not been evaluated so far. evaluate or assert their importance, as well as their influence on plant growth.

Many professional and amateur photographers from all over the world have come to Walakiri hoping to capture a perfect picture of the “dancing” trees. The beautiful natural scenery appearing in the photos makes it easy for viewers to understand why. The way they sway gently in the sunset sun if viewed from the right angle, will almost look like dancing silhouettes in a very attractive way.

“The dancing trees on the island of Sumba provide an inexhaustible source of creativity. I hope the local people will protect this place or create a reserve, a national park,” said Daniel Kordan, wildlife photographer wild said.

Like other mangrove forests, the “dancing” forest has the effect of reducing erosion and protecting the soil in the coastal area from the influence of waves. In addition, they also help filter eutrophication, sediment and pollution from oceans and rivers, thereby helping to purify water for surrounding ecological systems.

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