Taylor Swift’s die-hard fans launch shock campaign to help Jude Bellingham win Golden Boy award for hilarious reason

The Real Madrid superstar is going head to head with Barcelona rival Alejandro Balde for the prestigious gong.

Taylor Swift has been on a huge world tour
Jude Bellingham is battling to win European Golden Boy
Swift's army of fans are behind the England star

According to Tribuna, Bellingham previously held 30 per cent of the public vote.

That is, until an old comment by Balde surfaced – helping Bellingham to shake off his competition.

The full-back is claimed to have said: “Do I like Taylor Swift? No, I don’t like her music.”

Spotting the comment, one fan wrote on Twitter: “Hey Swifties! we can’t let this Balde guy win the golden boy award Vote for Jude Bellingham here.”

The tweet has since received nearly 7,000 retweets and 30,000 likes.

From 30 per cent of the vote, Bellingham is now claimed to have rocketed up to 89 per cent.

Should the England star win, it would not be just down to Swift’s army of fans.

The midfielder has had a sensational year, moving to Real Madrid in a £115million deal earlier this summer.

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