The Enchanting Journey of an Infant with a Darling Button Nose and Birthmark.NhuY

A concerned mother has responded to cruel bullies who made hurtful remarks about her daughter’s appearance, suggesting that her face looked like it had been pressed onto a hot surface, and even implying that her “unattractive” child would never find a partner. Marianna Bowering, a 27-year-old beauty therapist from Adelaide, has consistently embraced her daughter’s unique facial birthmark as a beautiful aspect of her appearance that deserves celebration.

NY. Angelica, who is one year old, was born with a port wine stain birthmark on her face, which Marianna affectionately refers to as an “angel kiss” due to its heart-shaped pattern. However, not everyone has shown the same positivity and acceptance toward Angelica’s birthmark. Marianna shared that she frequently receives hurtful comments both online and in person.

One of the hurtful online comments Marianna received was particularly shocking: “The worst comment online that I’ve gotten is when someone asked if her face had been pressed onto a skillet, basically saying her face looked grilled,” Marianna recalled. In person, she encountered hurtful comments as well. For instance, during a soccer game, someone told her that Angelica was a “defect” and then walked away, leaving Marianna stunned.

Marianna has set up an Instagram page for Angelica, but unfortunately, she continues to receive negative comments there as well. She expressed her disbelief that people would target a young child with hurtful comments and emphasized that bullying a baby is completely unacceptable.

Despite the hurtful comments, Marianna is resolute in her support for Angelica. She asserted that she would never hide her daughter due to her birthmark, stating that she finds Angelica absolutely stunning. Marianna’s primary focus is on instilling in Angelica the understanding that her port wine stain is what makes her unique and beautiful. While Marianna does worry about potential challenges her daughter might face as she grows up, she is hopeful that increased awareness and education about embracing differences will make a positive impact.

Marianna concluded by saying that she sees Angelica as a confident and fearless young girl who will be able to overcome any obstacles life presents. She believes that Angelica’s birthmark is just one part of her, and it doesn’t make her any less of a person. Marianna also shared that some insults are blatant, while others come from thoughtless or insensitive remarks made by strangers in public, often disguised as backhanded compliments.

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