The lovely beauty of the Korean baby girl: Her humorous expressions make the world laugh.NhuY

Although often appearing with a scowling, annoyed face, little Nury (from Korea) still “cut the hearts” of many netizens.

Children are often favored by adults as “little angels” because of their cuteness and innocence. With the development of social networking sites, many children also become famous when cute moments are shared by everyone.

In Korea, besides famous names like Mason or Cooper JiAn Luden, a little girl is receiving a lot of love from the online community in this country, she has the nickname Nury.Not possessing a striking appearance of a hybrid or a charisma like child models, Nury is impressed by her face that is always scowling and “difficult” every time she appears in photos or clips posted by her mother online. .

However, it is that unique feature that makes netizens “fatigued to death”. The annoying but no less cute face has become Nury’s own trademark.

Her plump face, naturally curly hair and unique expressions are the reasons why many people are waiting for a new image from her.

Nury’s image reminds everyone of Choo Sarang – the daughter of martial artist Choo Sung Hoon, famous for her series of humorous expressions when participating in the show “The Return of Superman” of KBS, Korea.

Thanks to the “difficult” brand, the Korean girl’s Instagram currently attracts more than 17,000 followers.

Source: freshnews87  -ny

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