Tino, the Smart Pooch, Comes to the Aid of a Missing Deaf Senior Dog After Days of Searching.


In the quaint town of McCleary, Washington, a tale of love and determination unfolded when a lost puppy named simply “Puppy” found himself separated from his family for a harrowing 40 hours. The emotional rollercoaster that ensued not only touched the hearts of the family but also those who rallied to help in the search. And at the heart of this heartwarming story was Tino, a first-time Search and Rescue dog.

It all began when a 150-pound Great Pyrenees puppy went astray while accompanying his owner, Karen James, on a horseback ride. Desperation set in as the family scoured the area for two long days, their worry intensifying with each passing hour. Finally, they reached out to the dedicated volunteers of Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue, hoping for a miracle.

Responding to the call for help, the nonprofit organization dispatched Tino, their trusted search and organization dog, to aid in the mission to reunite Puppy with his family.

Tino quickly got to work, using his finely honed skills to track down the lost pup. After a brisk pursuit, they discovered Puppy in a muddy gully, not even a mile away from Tino’s own home. Covered in thick mud, only the top of Puppy’s head was visible, making it a heart-wrenching sight.

The rescue operation swung into action as three determined rescuers carefully extracted Puppy from his mucky predicament. Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue shared the triumphant news on Facebook, stating, “Tino did a great job today when he found this old dog stuck in the mud.”

It’s safe to say that without Tino’s invaluable assistance, Puppy might have remained trapped in the frigid mud for hours, his chances of being found dwindling with each passing moment. The vast expanse of the woods made the search a daunting task, with miles upon miles to cover.

Puppy’s family, overwhelmed with relief, tenderly placed him in a wagon and brought him back home, where joyous reunions awaited. Karen James expressed her gratitude, telling Fox 13, “He couldn’t get out of the mud. He was far enough off the path that we would have passed him by. And you know there are miles and miles and acres and acres of wilderness out there to search. We never would have found him.”

Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue proudly shared that this successful mission marked Tino’s very first “Walk up find” after 16 months of training, a monumental achievement that highlighted his dedication and the critical role search and rescue dogs play in reuniting lost pets with their loving families.

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